Avanzcare, MMG Hospital group sign MoU for medical facility in Doha

Avanzcare, MMG Hospital group sign MoU for medical facility in Doha

A Qatari-owned advanced healthcare solutions provider and a Philippine-based medical organisation have recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the establishment of a world-class medical facility in Doha.

The MoU was signed by Al Sawari Holding chairman Sheikh Turki bin Faisal al-Thani and Medical Mission Group Hospitals and Healthcare Cooperative (MMG Hospital group) CEO Dr Jose Tiongco at the conclusion of the two-day ‘CEO Conference and Collegial Meeting’ hosted by the Philippine Business Council – Qatar (PBC-Q) in Doha.

Under the agreement, the facility will be operated in partnership with Avanzcare, Al Sawari Holding’s company in the medical sector, and MMG Hospital group.

Avanzcare is serving the healthcare sector through pharmaceutical distribution, manufacturing, healthcare centres, retailing, and co-marketing, while MMG Hospital group is the organisation that is setting up polyclinics and a Filipino hospital in Qatar.

“For decades, the Filipino community has been a major part of Qatar and I believe that Filipinos have given added value and helped developed the country, alongside other nationalities and Qataris,” Sheikh Turki said after the signing ceremony held at the Marriott Marquis.

He added: “This is something that I personally, and I’m sure a lot of people as well, greatly appreciate.
I am very glad that we are signing a partnership with MMG Hospital group to pursue a way that would add more value to our community, hand-in-hand with the Filipino community.
I hope we can continue to develop our relationship together.”

Speaking to Gulf Times on the sidelines of the event, Avanzcare general manager John Adel said the medical facility will combine Qatari and Filipino expertise in the field of healthcare and medicine with the goal of serving “many communities” in Qatar.

“We have always dreamt of serving the community with something that could add value to people in Qatar, and, of course, one of the major communities here is the Filipino community.

“Thanks to the management of the MMG Hospital group, they have considered the opportunities here in Qatar and I believe that this was a very important decision.

We will do our best to establish the best services that will suit this community and other communities, as well,” Adel said.

Asked about the services to be provided by the project, Adel said the facility will cover mostly medical specialisations that are needed in the country.

“We are also targeting to have the best pharmaceutical products that would complement this project.

We will also offer laboratory services, including radiology to cover all areas of specialisation.

Not only will we have general practioners but also specialists, most of which would come from the Philippines,” Adel said.
Once completed, Adel said the project will open opportunities for medical professionals from the Philippines to come to Qatar and contribute their services to the country’s burgeoning health industry.

This was echoed by PBC-Q chairman Greg Loayon, who said: “That’s the objective of the series of medical facilities that we are opening in Qatar.

“While our primary target would be our Filipino expatriates, we also want to be able to provide the same level of world-class medical services to all nationalities in Qatar – the kind of the quality service provided by medical professionals that they have been dealing with wherever they are in the world.

They can experience the same from Filipinos and Filipino-operated businesses in Qatar.”

(Gulf Times)

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